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[[KCU/03/Team Lambo]]
[[KCU/03/Team Lambo]]
Randall Tan, Ph.D.
Randall Tan, Ph.D.

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This page is the Home Page for the Peer-Reviewed Small Group Collaboration Project of Christian Heritage Section 3 (BITH 106 03 F07 that meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:25-10:40 a.m.). You have already been divided into small groups to work together on a research project between early September to mid-November & so you should know which group you belong to.

This is the wiki tool where you are to upload/post your write-up of your research. To make it easier for you, I have created a separate page for each group, named after each group. Please post & edit your work in your assigned page below (simply click on the link with your group name & it will take you to the right page). Once you are in your group page, you will see your group topic at the top of the page. Simply copy & paste what you have written elsewhere into the page underneath the topic & press the save button. Each group member can go in & out of the page & edit & add/substract stuff as needed. Just be sure to keep an electronic copy of everything you write in a place other than your group page as a backup.

The deadline for the first draft is Sept 25.






KCU/03/King Pins


KCU/03/Lady Knights




KCU/03/Team Lambo


Randall Tan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Kentucky Christian University