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                        "contentmodel": "wikitext",
                        "*": "==Expertiza==\n* [[Expertiza documentation]]\n\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Summer 2008]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2010]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2011]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2012]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2013]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2014]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2015]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2016]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2014]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2015]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2016]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2017]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2017]]\n* [[CSC/Independent Study Spring 2018]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2018]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2018]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2019]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2019]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2020]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Summer 2020]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2020]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2021]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2021]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2022]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Fall 2022]]\n* [[CSC/ECE 517 Spring 2023]]\n* [[CSC 456 Spring 2011|CSC 456 Spring 2012]]\n* [[ECE 633]]\n* [[KCU]]\n* [[Progress reports]]\n* [[ReactJs Frontend]]\n* [[Front-End/Back-End]]\n\n==Application Behavior==\n* [[Grading]]\n\n==Metaprogramming==\n* [[CSC/ECE_517_Spring_2013/ch1b_1k_hf|Lecture on Metaprogramming]]\n\n==Development==\n\n''Expertiza now has a Java dependency, so the machine you are using to develop Expertiza on should have the JVM installed.''\n\n* [[Setting Up a Development Machine]]\n* [[Creating a Linux Development Environment for Expertiza - Installation Guide]]\n* [[Using git and github for projects]]\n* [[Using heroku to deploy your projects]]\n* [[How to Begin a Project from the Current Expertiza Repository]]\n* [[Git]]\n* [[How to Change a User's Password on a Development Machine]]\n* [[Debugging Rails]]\n* [ Design Template]\n\n==Production==\n* [[Deploying to Production]]\n* [[Downloading Production Data]]\n* [[Accessing the Production Server]]\n\n==Testing==\n* [[Using Cucumber with Expertiza]]\n* [[Rails Testing Overview]]\n* [[Expertiza Continuous Integration]]\n\n==References==\n* [[Object-Oriented Design and Programming]]"